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My Creations on DeviantArt

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Hearts - line by Amazinadrielle

Rainbow Butterfly by Amazinadrielle Red Butterfly by Amazinadrielle Gold Butterfly by Amazinadrielle Green Butterfly by Amazinadrielle Blue Butterfly by Amazinadrielle Violet Butterfly by Amazinadrielle

Pixel Lederhosen by Amazinadrielle Astronaut by Amazinadrielle Tiny Iong 2 by Amazinadrielle Minime by Amazinadrielle

Little glitter rainbow by Amazinadrielle Cake for Shifteh by Amazinadrielle Pixel Glitter Rainbow by Amazinadrielle Blooming anchor 2 by Amazinadrielle Purple Flower by Amazinadrielle Pink Pixel Orchid by Amazinadrielle Pixel Orchids by Amazinadrielle Pixel Zombie Toe by Amazinadrielle Rainbow Unicorn 2 by Amazinadrielle

Red bean by Amazinadrielle Orange bean by Amazinadrielle Gold bean by Amazinadrielle Green bean by Amazinadrielle Sea green bean by Amazinadrielle Light blue bean by Amazinadrielle Blue bean by Amazinadrielle Purple bean by Amazinadrielle Violet bean by Amazinadrielle

For more of my pixel art and emoticons, see my
pixel art and animation gallery!

I'm currently participating in the 100 Theme Challenge from The Poetry Cafe! I will add links to each of my poems below as I complete them!

1. Introduction | 2. Love | 3. Light | 4. Dark | 5. Seeking Solace | 6. Break Away | 7. Heaven | 8. Innocence | 9. Drive | 10. Breathe Again | 11. Memory | 12. Insanity | 13. Misfortune | 14. Smile | 15. Silence | 16. Questioning | 17. Blood | 18. Rainbow | 19. Gray | 20. Fortitude | 21. Vacation | 22. Mother Nature | 23. Cat | 24. No Time | 25. Trouble Lurking

26. Tears | 27. Foreign | 28. Sorrow | 29. Happiness | 30. Under the Rain | 31. Flowers | 32. Night | 33. Expectations | 34. Stars | 35. Hold My Hand | 36. Precious Treasure | 37. Eyes | 38. Abandoned | 39. Dreams | 40. Rated | 41. Teamwork | 42. Standing Still | 43. Dying | 44. Two Roads | 45. Illusion | 46. Family | 47. Creation | 48. Childhood | 49. Stripes | 50. Breaking the Rules

51. Sport | 52. Deep in Thought | 53. Keeping a Secret | 54. Tower | 55. Waiting | 56. Danger Ahead | 57. Sacrifice | 58. Kick in the Head | 59. No Way Out | 60. Rejection | 61. Fairy Tale | 62. Magic | 63. Do Not Disturb | 64. Multitasking | 65. Horror | 66. Traps | 67. Playing the Melody | 68. Hero | 69. Annoyance | 70. 67% | 71. Obsession | 72. Mischief Managed | 73. I Can't | 74. Are You Challenging Me? | 75. Mirror

76. Broken Pieces | 77. Test | 78. Drink | 79. Starvation | 80. Words | 81. Pen and Paper | 82. Can You Hear Me? | 83. Heal | 84. Out Cold | 85. Spiral | 86. Seeing Red | 87. Food | 88. Pain | 89. Through the Fire | 90. Triangle | 91. Drowning | 92. All That I Have
93. Give Up | 94. Last Hope | 95. Advertisement | 96. In the Storm | 97. Safety First | 98. Puzzle | 99. Solitude | 100. Relaxation

Only 21 to go! =)

For more of my poetry, writing and words, see my
words gallery!


Dec 22, 2014
12:48 am
Dec 20, 2014
9:18 pm
Dec 18, 2014
2:28 am
Dec 17, 2014
11:11 pm
Dec 17, 2014
2:32 pm

About Me

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Artist | Student | Varied

I am a 28 year old animal and nature-lover, living in North East Victoria, Australia. Despite being chronically ill and disabled with a combination of conditions, I believe I lead a pretty incredible life!

I love to learn! In addition to being a circus graduate, before I became too ill to continue with full-time university study, I completed my Bachelor of Behavioural Science (B.B.Sc.), and was invited to become a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. Since then, I have completed Certificate III in Media (specializing in 3D art and animation for film, games and television) - which I studied online, mostly from bed.

When I was well enough, I used to volunteer my time in my real-life community. Now that I am mostly stuck in bed or a chair, I volunteer online. With this in mind, I am currently studying HTML and CSS, as I believe that these skills will be useful to me in my volunteer work. I am also studying Spanish.

In addition to my love of learning, I love being arty, crafty and creative. Over the years, I have dabbled in many mediums, including 2D and 3D digital art and animation, traditional art, nail art, embroidery, paper craft, beading, photography and writing. I have a tendency to want to decorate everything - especially my splints and mobility aids - as they always seem to look so dull! I also like to collect pretty and useful things (which is definitely not the same thing as 'hoarding' ;D).

In my younger and healthier days, I was an award-winning performing artist, circus performer, singer and dancer. Since becoming too ill to continue with these activities, I have become an award-winning photographer, artist (digital and traditional) and embroiderer. I have also created logos for various websites, and had my art feature in online games (such as Puzzle Pirates).

I feel like my life is pretty awesome, and I am really proud of all that I have achieved in spite of my illness and disability. Although my prognosis worries me sometimes, I am determined to stay happy, be myself, and keep creating and doing the things that I love to do - even if it sometimes means drawing with my feet - as I did when I was unable to use my hands!

When I am not busily creating, studying, volunteering online or AWOL from the Internet due to illness, you will usually find me playing iPad games, blogging, visiting DeviantArt, or hanging out on Twitter! Come and say hi! I look forward to meeting you!


You can also visit my:


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